ipod hi-crap

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Mar. 6th, 2006 | 01:05 pm

i just went to the apple store to listen to the ipod hi-fi (£249), and gawd, does it suck!

  • the sound is that of an overpowered boom box we used to see in the streets in the 80s.

  • the tone and volume of the sound change as you move around!

  • there is absolutely no spacial positioning.

  • all the instruments come out juxtaposed, with no distinction between them whatsoever.

it's just so bad you have to hear it (unless, of course, you liked the 80s boom boxes), i can't even begin to describe how much it sucks. really, it's an overpriced, overpowered, am radio.

you can pick a set of £39.95 speakers at the apple store that are much better than this piece of shit. and of course, there's always the i-deck (£199 in-store, £149 if you buy online until march the 20th).

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