Jan. 22nd, 2012 | 08:06 pm
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thanks for all the fish

Feb. 11th, 2009 | 09:04 am

i'm finished with lj (although i will still stalk my friends page). i'm now blogging over there --->

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i am the god of hellfire

Jan. 28th, 2009 | 10:13 pm

but i don't bring you fire. i thought about that, but then noticed someone had already done it. bastard.

what i bring is almost as useful, if not more. we now have induction cookers, so the need for fire has dwindled a lot. these days, what we really need is a way to post stuff to twitter.

i had this idea when i saw several people posting to the rglondon twitter stream. sometimes the tweets would have a bit identifying the person who posted them ([bob]), sometimes they wouldn't. this annoyed me. i started thinking about it, and realised that probably they were all sharing the password for the twitter account. which seemed bad. of course, it's not like i have nou or rjw1 on speed-dial, so i set out to make things right (tm).

as it happens, i'd been wanting to do something using xmpp for some time, seeing as pedro has been doing really cool shit (tm) with it and waxes lyrical about how it's the future and all that; and i also wanted to learn anyevent and forget that poe ever existed (not that i don't like poe, i do, but anyevent's freedom to choose, well, everything, appealed to me). so this seemed like a good opportunity to SHUT THE FUCK UP AND WRITE SOME CODE.

which i did.

it's not up on cpan yet, but it'll be rsn. in the mean time, if you're interested in this you have either my email, jid, or phone number; so feel free to send in those bug reports.

note: perl 5.10.0 on darwin segfaults, i'm looking into this. if you run this on darwin, use 5.8.8. on linux you can use either one.

update: it's now on cpan.

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Jan. 20th, 2009 | 09:07 pm

pj harvey / john parish, april 20

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graduation day

Jan. 3rd, 2009 | 02:25 pm

as it happens, i grew tired of soup and english breakfasts (i do still make soup on mondays to have for dinner, along with cheese, ham, and bread, during the week; and i hope to cook a full english now and again).

so i turned to cas clarke's "quick and easy cooking for one" (ridiculously cheap, btw), which nou had recommended i got. i picked 3 dishes and spent a good couple of hours buying the ingredients i was missing.

i ended up being unable to find sun-dried tomatoes (even the temple that is m&s failed me), so i improvised (i know, crazy, right?) and grilled a couple of small tomatoes instead. this is how the final product looked (after around 20 minutes, 5 more than what the book said, due to said grilled tomatoes and my lack of practice in chopping things up, particularly parsley):


it was very tasty, and i'm very pleased with the results. stay tuned for the following episodes!

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a friend in need

Dec. 30th, 2008 | 10:21 pm

mario kart: 2750-4743-6911
guitar hero world tour: 4940-9065-0914

who's the anti-social git now, huh?

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iwf, this child needs you!

Dec. 9th, 2008 | 08:00 pm

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Dec. 9th, 2008 | 06:42 pm

my fingers hurt. that's because i was stupid and got a semi-acoustic guitar, with steel strings, because i could hook it up to my guitar amp. and i've got an amp because it came with the electric guitar (a yamaha pacifica, if you must know), and is available because the pacifica is plugged into the alesis io2 interface all the time. and steel strings hurt like crazy the first few days (not playing the electric guitar conventionally made this a non-issue so far). so i'm typing using only the rightmost 4 fingers of the right hand, if you feel like the post is taking its time to get to the point, that's why.

some time ago i decided to start cooking, as opposed to microwaving shit. so i did what any sane person would do: i asked kake about it. she recommended i got "quick and easy cooking for one", by cas clarke - i found it through the lovely abebooks. i have yet to try any recipe from it, but that's besides the point. i got it, i read the introduction and the first couple of recipes - pancakes and mushrooms stuffed with sausage - and promptly parked it on the kitchen shelf. then i started making soup.

m&s sell these really handy bags with all sorts of veggies already chopped up and ready to go. get the water boiling in a pan, drop the bag's contents in it, and presto, 20 minutes later you have soup. this got boring after the 2nd time, so i upped my game by buying a hand blender. ah! i no longer had to endure the effort of pureeing the stuff with a fork. plus, it was using electricity and i'm a big fan of anything that uses electricity.

then the other day i had breakfast at dave's. as i watched him cook it, i thought "hmm, i could do this...", so i did, and it was good. it wasn't really like the one true breakfast (as i might have mentioned before) but it certainly was good enough, so much so that i'm doing it again this sunday, but adding more bacon. and pork and apple sausages. this really boosted my ego, so yesterday as i went shopping, i shunned the wonder veggie bags and got *real whole veggies*. i know, crazy! so the soup that's boiling right now had its components lovingly peeled and chopped by yours truly: 1 onion, garlic, carrots, 3 large potatos, a handful of running beans, 3 or 4 aspargus and a liberal amount of broccoli. to this i added 2 table spoons of coarse salt, and i will add olive oil after i puree it.

on the way home from the shops i stopped at robert dyas to get a splatter stopper (frying things can make a mess of your kitchen, as i painfully learned) and they had "jamie's ministry of food" with a 30% discount, so i bought that too. it has now been inserted into my delicious library, and, once i read the introduction, it will go to its rightful place on the kitchen shelf, next to "quick and easy cooking for one".

so there. fear my l337 c00king skillz.
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hot as fuck

Dec. 5th, 2008 | 09:15 am

so, it was my birthday the other day. a friend of mine told me i should get a ps3 and rock band, apparently oblivious to the fact that i had just turned 37.

believe it or not, this made quite a difference. while pondering whether or not to get the ps3, i thought about my friends, and realised that most of them are happily married, have kids and dogs and are saving up for the next car. i figured it was time i stopped following my childish impulses, and changed my life.

coincidentally, a friend of mine had lent me paul mckenna's "i can change your life" a few months back, so i went looking for the book. i found it (yay delicious library!) and set it aside in order to return it to him, and made a mental note to never again ask him for books.

don't fret, i didn't run out and get a ps3, i'm better than that. i went to hmv, looked with disdain at the pile of ps3s and xbox 360s, and thought to myself "that part of my life is gone now, i'll be 40 in 3 years". instead, i took the money, thought about my friend billy abbott and how he became a rock god, and got a wii, and guitar hero world tour. i am it.

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Oct. 23rd, 2008 | 09:40 pm

running is for suckers.

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